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Government & Defense

A Third Party Transportation Solution Provider.


Custom Military and Government Solutions

Logistics for government agencies and offices includes a broad range of freight, from small packages to over-sized machinery and equipment for the military and defense  industries.  Transporting military supplies and government freight requires advanced planning, strict compliance, and high-level safety.  Governmental institutions could enhance their operations and increase growth with a well-oiled military logistics and supply chain strategy.


With a polished logistics plan and a reliable 3PL provider, transporting large scale shipments to remote and hardly accessible areas becomes easy and efficient.  Custom military and government solutions ensure important government shipments are protected and moved efficiently. We support troop readiness deployments, emergency disaster assistance, and standard service requirements.  We can also provide single-source solutions and deliver results for complex projects and missions.


Quantum Logistics offers a reliable extensive network of agents, carriers, company offices, logistics warehouses, and multi-modal transport options for government property.  We offer expertise in transportation management, secure & compliant customized transportation engineering, high security cargo options,  and supply chain efficiency to time-sensitive and specialized government freight.

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