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Q. What are your qualifications to haul for Quantum Logistics?

A. Carriers must be licensed and can not have an unsatisfactory rating. Must have $1,000,000 in liability insurance and $100,000 or more in cargo insurance. Must have carrier authority and a signed broker/carrier contract on file.  To register electronically please click here.  If you prefer a carrier packet contact Quantum Logistics by Phone (1.888.811.5103) or Email.

Q. I just signed up to be a part of Quantum Logistics carrier network. How long until I can move freight?

A. Once you have finished your registration, you can start moving freight with us right away. If you have a new MC number, however, you must wait 30 days to move freight.

Q. How do I get a point of contact at Quantum Logistics?

A. If you call us to sign up as a carrier, the person who directs you to the sign-up page will most likely be your carrier rep. If you sign up online, someone at Quantum Logistics will contact you within 24 hours to get you started.

Q. How do I check available loads Quantum Logistics may have?

A. Sign up for SMS Text Notifications and/or subscribe to Email notifications to receive available Loads.   

Q. How do I get paid?

A. For regular payment terms (net 30), you can choose to receive a check or direct deposit.  For Quick Pay, you can choose to receive a check mailed via USPS next business day or ACH direct deposit (funds transferred within three business days).

Q. What is Quick Pay?

A. Quick Pay is a payment option to receive your funds faster. You can choose to receive a check sent via First-Class Mail for a 2% fee, or via direct deposit with funds transferred within three business days for a 3% fee. For more information on Quick Pay, please call (888) 811-5103.

Q. Do you offer advances?

A. Yes, we advance up to 40% after you pick up an approved load, before it is delivered. There is a charge of $20.50 for every $1,000 issued.

  • $20.50 for $1,000

  • $41 for $1,000.01 to $2,000

  • $61.50 for $2,000.01 to $3,000, etc.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about billing?
A. For billing and payment inquiries, please call (888) 811-5103 or

Quantum Logistics, LLC.
1201 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30309

Fax: (888) 811-5105


Note: **Please make sure to reference our order number on your freight invoice**.

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